KEYC - Vikings Training Camp Boosts Local Economy

Vikings Training Camp Boosts Local Economy

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It's the 49th year Mankato welcomes the Viking Training Camp to the MSU Campus.
And now that the Vikes are here, Many local business expect their profits to increase.

According to Visit Mankato, the camp brings a whopping $5 million added dollars to the Mankato economy.
Restaurants, retail, and lodging bring in the most profit.

Elisabeth Moat is the general manager at Americ-Inn.  A hotel just block from the practice fields. She said this about camp.  "To have two and a half weeks full it's fantastic. We are just flooded. Every Single day a new bunch comes in. and they depart the next day we have 80 rooms so we see hundreds of people for training camp."

Restaurants like Jake's Stadium Pizza looks forward to the increase of business.
They earn 25% of their yearly sales during the 3 week training camp.
General manager, Andrew Boyer-Kern, said, "It's kind of like our Super Bowl every year. We look forward to it; it's something we're excited about. And when it comes down to crunch time. We're ready to go."

Last year brought the highest number of visitors to the Mankato area at 69,000 guests with more than 30 states, Canada and England represented.

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