KEYC - Vikings Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner Accepted Big-time by P

Vikings Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner Accepted Big-time by Players

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 The Vikings come into their 49th training camp in Mankato with new head coach Mike Zimmer running the show..

Zimmer is known for his defensive prowess and will have much to say about what goes on in that department this season.. to help with the offensive side,, Zimmer brought Norv turner aboard,,

As KEYC News 12 Sports Claire Dau reports, the players feel the new offensive coordinator may be just what the doctor ordered.

.CD: Though it's his first year in Minnesota... Vikings offensive Coordinator has been around the block...

The 20–14 season marks his 30th as an NFL coach...

His vast years of experience have helped him develop a unique coaching style...

GJ: "He's like the nicest meanest coach ever... he's like trys to be so mean on the field and then he comes up to you later, he'll come by and he's just the coolest man ever."


.MA: "That's how he is, the nicest mean coach ever...but that's good for us...he's a perfectionist and that's what we're trying to achieve."

(NAT–hes in)

NT: " I've been fortunate to be with and I think there's a big part of this thing that has to be extremely demanding. Obviously the guys offensively will tell you they need to be very percice in what they do."



.TB: "He has a lot of respect around the league so it's been fun so far since I've been here... I thought it was gonna be great but it's been beyond great."


.MZ: " I love the way Norv calls a game... having coached against him for so many times...he's aggressive but he's smart about it. He's gonna take his shot and if they're not there he's gonna get them to the other spots..."


CP:"Everyone know how he is, he gets the ball in the play makers hands you know, not just me... AP...Jerome he's gonna make sure everybody's stands out not just one person."


MZ"The confusion of his motion and shifts along with the great play action. And when you have a back like Adrian the play action becomes extremely valuble."


CD: Turner's expl;osive change up offense has everyone excited for week one of the season...

In Mankato at Vikings Training Camp... Claire Dau KEYC News 12 Sports...