KEYC - Law Enforcement Gets Kids Hooked On Fishing

Law Enforcement Gets Kids Hooked On Fishing

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For a group of local kids every Wednesday for most of the summer meant fishing with local law enforcement.

Today marks the last day for this year's Cops and Bobbers event.

Some kids never get the opportunity to learn how to fish, but this summer, some got to cast a few lines.

And one 10-year-old boy landed more than just a fish.

Sam Pickett-Hanpton, 5th grader says, "If he was my age, he would be one of my best friends."

That's who he's talking about a police officer with the Mankato Department of Public Safety.

Officer Keith Mortensen, Mankato Department of Public Safety officer says, "They're teaching me good friendships."

Pickett-Hanpton says, "He helps me with fishing tips and he's just really cool to talk to."

Although the event is coming to an end, with this bond they're both hooked.

Mortensen says, "It's sad because you build all these friendships with the kids, but now I'll get to see them throughout the school year."

Pickett-Hanpton says, "I think their job is actually pretty cool and dangerous. I think it's pretty cool that they get to hang out with us and they get their time off to help us with our fishing."

Tackling life lessons with a tackle box in tow.

Over the course of the event, about 100 fish have been caught. The program practices catch and release.

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