The Mankato Marathon is only two days away.

And event organizers are preparing all the behind the scenes venues to be ready for when the racers arrive.

But they also want motorists to be aware of road closures during the event.

The preparations are on their mark.

And the organizers are getting set.

And the runners are ready to go.

Visit Mankato's Anna Thill says, "You can see that there's a ton going on. It started yesterday, Thursday, and things are going really well."

More than 1,700 workers and volunteers are gearing up for the fifth annual race that's expected to be a winner for the local economy.

Thill says, "Our restaurants are full our bars are full, our hotels are full, people go shopping, all of that happens this weekend."

It is estimated the Boston Marathon qualifier race will bring in an estimated $1.3 million.

And while the marathon organizers are busy preparing for the marathon, public safety is also preparing motorists for road closures and traffic delays as more than 4,000 runners are welcomed to Mankato.

Mankato Public Safety Commander Sandi Schnorenberg says, "The biggest road closure is going to be Riverfront Drive. That one's going to be the big one and is going to have both northbound lanes closed."

Those delays will begin early Sunday morning.... while everyone is off to the races.

Parts of Stoltzman, Monks, Victory and other roads will also be closed.

For a complete list of what roads will be closed and during what time, visit this link:

-KEYC News 12