KEYC - Sports Commission Meets in Mankato

Sports Commission Meets in Mankato

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 Visit Mankato has added a Sports Commission to develop ways to get more large scale sporting events into town.

The Mankato area already has a fairly strong sports culture, hosting state softball at Caswell Park, and serving as the regional hub for several other high school sporting events, as well as those on the national level, through MSU.

MSU Athletic Director says, "We've hosted the national wrestling tournament, a two-time host of the indoor Division II track and field championship. We feel we have great facilities, it's an opportunity to showcase our community, showcase our campus."

But they want to do more, so Visit Mankato has put together a Sports Commission, and are seeking input on how best to make sports a major component of the region.

There are two keys to success, having good facilities, and having good organizers.

Associate director of the Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission, Barclay Kruse says, "I think there's a real good opportunity for a mid-sized city like Mankato to come in and be successful in the sports market. Not every sports event wants to go to a big city. There's a lot of them that do prefer cities of this size."

So they're getting their ideas put together... and they want to hear from everyone.

Visit Mankato's Anna Thill says, "There's certain things we definitely know what we want. There's things we want to grow - strategies we're already thinking of. But this is also a call to people who have been sitting on the couch saying 'gosh, we should do this event, we should do it."