Music. It's good for the soul.

Sound therapist Frank DiCristina says it can also be good for the body.

 DiCristina,says, "When I put people in the chair like when I did, I want them to feel what I felt when I first laid down when someone worked on me. I want them to think 'why haven't I done this before."

He uses Tibetan gongs and singing bowls to heal his patients. and says the sound can clear energetic blockages and has numerous physical and mental benefits.

"I put my heart into it. When iI'mplaying iI'mnot just banging a drum or hitting gong. I'm putting my who being into it. And the intention is to make you feel better. Where to reduce the trauma, reduce the stress, make you relax, try to release that chronic pain whatever it is," says, DiCristina.

He is just one of 40 vendors at the 5th Mankato Natural Healing and Psychic Expo.

Each of the vendors were handpicked by organizers, And are rated top notch in their field of holistic health and wellness such as natural beauty, crystals, gemstones, and intuitive readers.

Event coordinator, Val Curtis, says,  "I love my vendors, I love the energy we produce together. I love watching people come in here troubled anxious and depressed and hurting; and walk out the door with hope. And feeling good and knowing that somebody cares. And knowing that someone's trying to help them."

But for many physical ailments don't recede with the use of crystals. And the thought of a psychic reading, falls short of practical remedies. For which Curtis says, their practitioners are the real deal.

Curtis, says,  "Psychic just means of the soul. When someone comes in and helps you read your soul to get to know what's in your heart and get past the ego, that's what these people do. They're not gypsies and fortune tellers. They're not pagans and there's no witch craft here. It's just all natural healing it's all energy and it's all science."

But for those still unsure of the holistic approach, organizers say all it takes is an open mind to begin the healing process.

"Open mind, open heart, that's where the healing starts," says Curtis. 

Organizers say that they have already booked vendors for the next two expos.

--KEYC News 12