Gathering together for a peaceful protest in the heart of MSU–Mankato's student union, people of all races spoke their minds.

Expressing how they felt after hearing the grand jury's decision to not indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who gunned down Michael Brown.

The decision caused reactions to spread across the country.

MSU-Mankato student, Je-Shawna Wholley says, "Honestly last night, I was numb. I was numb. I was frustrated just to watch."

The news, prompted a peaceful protest in the middle of MSU–Mankato's Centennial Student Union. Channeling people of all ages and races to one spot.

MSU-Mankato student, Maurice Smith, Jr. says, "This was the first time that everyone was united as a group and it wasn't because of an event, it wasn't because of free food or someone was hosting something. It was to stand as one, and it was for one race which was the human race."

Taking the microphone, to express their thoughts and their emotions, students like Je–Shawna Wholley say they understand where all of the feelings are coming from.

Wholley says, "I'm not surprised by any of the expression of rage, of anger and sadness and hurt that any person has expressed over this particular verdict."

Smith Jr. says, "We always talk about change, we always talk about progressing as a country but last night. Did that change really happen? Did that change really occur? And last night, I hate to admit it but it didn't at least in my eyes."

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