This weekend marked the 42nd Christmas in Christ Chapel at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter.

Director of Fine Arts, Al Behrends says, "The best part is that it's different every year. It stays true to the worship. It stays true to the worship format. It's not just another Christmas format. And we have these phenomenal student musicians."

This year's show, 'Tender Rose Starry Night' illustrates the cosmic impact of the birth of Jesus Christ and has drawn more than 6,000 people to its weekend services. 

Bells director, Chad Winterfildt, says, "My favorite part for me and probably for many. Is the conclusion of Christmas in Christ chapel is of Come All Ye Faithful. Which involves all of the forces."

According to the staff it's the combination of forces  such as music, dance, and faith, that have fueled the program for decades and includes more than 400 dedicated students and staff.

"The most significant thing that and makes Christ chapel different from other collegiate performances is that this is a worship service. And we come together as a community of worshipers here every year," says Behrends.

 Unlike previous years, the grand service reached far beyond the pews. This year, the chapel live streamed the Saturday service online.

Behrends says, "New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, so to have the kind of effect on thousands of people that's very very special."

The program directors have already begun planning for next year's theme.

--KEYC News 12