KEYC - Searchers Recover 30 Bodies From Air Asia Disaster

Searchers Recover 30 Bodies From Air Asia Disaster

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30 victims of AirAsia flight 8501 have been recovered from the Java Sea after the plane went down in stormy weather Sunday. Of those, 21 were found Friday.  

Searchers in the Java Sea had a good day Friday recovering as many as 21 bodies from AirAsia flight 8501 - some still strapped in their seats.

The American ship the U.S.S. Sampson alone has recovered at least 6 victims.

Coffin after coffin was flown back to Surabaya, Indonesia, where the flight originated. Military personnel worked into the night moving the bodies of the victims to centers where they can be identified.

Authorities used dental records and fingerprints to identify three more victims and turned over their remains to their families - including the body of an eleven-year-old boy

Debris from the plane has also been found, but the fuselage and the plane's flight recorders remain lost.

Search planes with sonar and metal detecting equipment are scouring the seabed looking for the wreckage. It's hoped the airliner remained mostly intact and that bodies of most of the 162 people on board are still in the cabin.

Bad weather has hampered the search for the plane and the rest of the victims and strong winds and heavy seas are forecast through Sunday.

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