A family in Sherburn is thanking a feeding tube for being a lifeline to their nearly 2–year–old son.

Gentry Chase has a rare disease where severe reflux causes everything he eats to go into his lungs.

After several surgeries and seizures, doctors inserted a feeding tube that he now wears 24 hours a day.

Gentry Chase loves to play football and be with his 4 siblings.

But this soon to be 2–year–old has spent a good portion of his short life in the hospital.

Nichole Chase says, "He was having episodes where he was going unconscious and having seizures and we didn't know why."

And last August doctors were able to diagnose a rare condition.

This is Gentry's lifeline.

Chase says, "At first it was really hard to get used to, but now it's our normal."

A feeding tube that runs from his stomach through his intestines.

"We set a rate and dose and it will alarm if it gets clogged or if it runs out of food."

To help his severe reflux and to get the nutrition he needs.

Nichole says, "If Gentry didn't have his feeding tube he wouldn't, with his blood sugars they'd be super low and he wouldn't be getting fed all the time and his lungs would be very unhealthy to the point where he'd be very sick."

Gentry has one of 300 different conditions where a feeding tube is necessary.

Nichole says, "Now we know how to keep him safe and healthy, before we didn't know what was going on so it was incredibly scary."

But for a toddler who's been through so much....

"Gentry's happy, he's always smiling and he has a really good spirit."

Gentry's parents say he will be able to lead a normal lifestyle where he can participate in athletics and do every day activities.

And while the feeding tube has helped tremendously, just last night Gentry was admitted to the Gillette's children's hospital because his tube got pulled out.

He was in the ER overnight with IVs to help with his blood sugar.

A post on his Facebook page, says they are hoping to come home sometime today.

-KEYC News 12