KEYC - Paintball Season Fires Off In Bricelyn

Paintball Season Fires Off In Bricelyn

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The nice weather didn't go to waste in Bricelyn.

Today the Prairie River Camp opened its paintball courses for the first time this spring.

Alden-Conger Resident Dylan Renaux says, "Stay in cover, make sure no one is getting you."

Paintball is a sport that may sound easier than it actually is.

The Prairie River Camp fields four courses with different obstacles to duck behind at each station.

The popular combat game may have a relatively short history, but it's still a fun sport anyone can play.

Prairie River Camp Assistant Director Jonathan Walberg says, "I think it probably was the most popular during the late 90's, early 2000's but it still remains to be very popular especially with young people with events and things like that."

Paintball is finding a home in Bricelyn, attracting people from all over the area.

Walberg says, "We're in a rural area, but we're really located centrally between Albert Lea, between Fairmont, Mankato, Mason City, Iowa, so we're really less than an hour's drive from all those locations that we can really cater to a large number of the population."

Even though the action is fast-paced with paintballs flying at high speeds, some players say getting hit doesn't hurt too much.

Renaux says, "I thought it would be way more painful, but once you get into it, it doesn't hurt at all."

This group of kids is playing the game for the first time as part of a birthday party, and just like any sport, the winner gets bragging rights.

Renaux says, "I was the one that got all three people out."

And while recreation paintball is the focus at Prairie River Camp, the establishment hopes to expand in the future.

Walberg says, "Our course director Pete would really like to bring in a competition air course for more competitive players to run tournaments and things like that, but right now that's not something we have, we cater a little bit more towards the recreational side."

But organizers say the fun will continue firing away for years to come.

If you're interested in playing in Bricelyn, Prairie River Camp can schedule a group at any time. For more information visit

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