She's a woodworking nun.

Sister Mary Ann Osborne has found a different way to teach the word of God up at the Good Counsel Hill in Mankato.

The sawdust is flying.

Making a huge mess in the studio.

But it's just another day, for this woodworking sister.

"It's a wonderful gift I've been given and I'm happy to share."

Because there's no measure, for this different kind of habit.

"I try to take the images of the gospel or the Psalms and put a little twist on it, kind of a modern twist."

She's twisted, carved, and sawed more than 1,000 pieces.

All through divine inspiration:

"God multiplies the good and feeds in me the multitude."

Leaving those who take in the beauty of the creation to be left in awe.

"God is working in their lives and I think they're looking at the art, they take time to reflect and then it enters into their own story."

But her story goes back more than 25 years ago, when she chose to enter the convent rather than attend college.

"There's another way I can teach."

Using her hands to craft her message after a simple woodshop class uncovered a hidden talent.

"God is calling us to do good for others."

Each of her pieces carves out a different meaning for those who have felt a powerful touch when it comes to their own inspiration.

"I've seen people go up and start crying at the pieces and it's pretty–awe inspiring for me as the artist. It was like wow."

A way for her to share the word of God not through words but through her hands and heart.

-KEYC News 12