One Lakeville resident will be performing his own show in this weekend's Air Spectacular.

Lieutenant Colonel John Klatt of the Air National Guard will be taking to the sky this weekend in an MXS aircraft for all the acrobatics.

The plane can reach speeds of more than 250 miles per hour while flying.

The Minnesota Air Spectacular is just one of the many shows Klatt will perform in over the summer, but this weekend's show will be a little more special.

Air National Guard Lt. Col. John Klatt says, "I'm honored and privileged to have a little piece of the sky this weekend so it's a special weekend for us. I'm going to have all my family here which is going to be unique, both guard units, I'm still a member of the Minnesota Air National Guard so it's an honor for me to represent the 100,000 men and women that make up the Air National Guard."

If anyone is interested in joining the Air National Guard, you can visit 

--KEYC News 12