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Le Sueur's Caribou Gun Club Competition Draws Over 700 Worldwide

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This is a gun show you won't need tickets for.

Shooters from over 26 countries are pulling the trigger

at Caribou Gun Club in Le Sueur for the 2015 World FITASC Sporting Championship and U.S. FITASC Sporting Grand Prix through July 26.

And that means over 700 tourists exploring the greater Mankato area.

Sports Commission Director with Visit Mankato Chris Willaert said, "It's obviously going to have a great impact on not just the hotels but our restaurants, stores."

But competitors are also spending their time eyeing up the shooting range.

Competing from Hungary Andras Szerdahelyi said, "This is the best place in the world to shoot sport and targets–it's huge. Everything's huge–the ground–the crays, everything, it's unbelievable."

And as they load up their guns each fire on target is another confidence boost added to their ammunition.

The competition is going to be very interesting to follow–the score is going to be very hard because of the quality of these people is incredible."

A tight competition that doesn't stop competitors from shooting on a chance.

Szerdahelyi said, "Always the first place."

The chance they'll leave more than just a trail of gunpowder behind.

The event is free and open to the public. For more information on when the competition begins and ends, visit http://www.caribougunclub.com/Caribou_Gun_Club/INTRO.html.