KEYC - Vikings Off to Strong Start in Training Camp

Vikings Off to Strong Start in Training Camp

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It may only be the second day of Training Camp... but the Minnesota Vikings are working hard ahead of their season opener at San Francisco.

It's still early, but many Vikings are shaking off the rust and starting to shine in day two of training camp.

The young team is coming off a 7–9 season in which many stars began to emerge on the offensive side, including rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater and Charles Johnson.

Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Charles Johnson says, "I think we're all more comfortable now, we're all working together to achieve one goal."

Johnson, a former un-drafted wide out, is becoming a household name for Vikings fans after providing a spark in 2014.

The return of Adrian Peterson should also help poise the purple's offense for a big season, but training camp is where much of the hard work is done.

Johnson says, "Try to get through this practice to make it the best practice we have, and when game time comes, we want to win that game. We don't care too much about the games in the future, we care about the now."

But the defense is also starting to take strides, looking more like the purple people eaters each day.

Minnesota Vikings Defensive Coordinator George Edwards says, "Chad Greenway, I'll say it again, you wish you had a team full of those guys with their work ethic, all the things that he brings to the table makes as a professional, as far as an athlete on and off the field, those kinds of things are valuable to us."

And sprinkling a couple more veterans into the roster can only help players that are still perfecting their game, with Mike Wallace heading the wide receiver corps.

Johnson says, "He's able to teach us things as younger receivers that we might not know. He comes out here, he's feisty, he works hard, and he's not just out here to say I'm a veteran, he comes out here to actually grind and works as hard as everybody else."

All that work could be the start of something special in Minnesota.

The Vikings will amp things up a bit Tuesday... with their first padded practice of camp.

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