One of the seasoned players on the Minnesota Vikings roster... has a unique secret... to his longevity in the NFL.

The Minnesota Vikings defense features a number of rising stars in the secondary, but it's one journeyman who's followed Mike Zimmer around for quite some time that's making a big impact this training camp.

Minnesota Vikings Cornerback Terence Newman says, "It's easy for them to lean on me because I've been in this defense for quite a while."

At 36 years old and after 12 years in the NFL, Newman knows his way around the gridiron.

Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer says, "He's a good football player, and he plays with good technique, he's a good player."

The Vikings looked to bolster their secondary this off–season, and jumped on the opportunity to add Newman who spent a number of years with Zimmer during his defensive coordinator days with the Cowboys and Bengals.

Zimmer says, "Terence and I go back a long way, so we've always had a good relationship, I think we respected each other quite a bit."

Newman says, "I know what to expect, his defenses are going to be statistically one of the best, and there is nothing more you can ask for than to be on a really good defense and have a shot at doing some things and making the postseason."

Newman's health is a big reason why the corner is still playing at 36...and keeps his body in shape with one secret.

Newman says, "Red wine, a good pinot noir every now and then a cab, I don't bathe in it like Amar'e Stoudemire, I just drink it, but other than that I try to put that in my bloodstream and age with the wine."

--KEYC News 12