KEYC - Vikings Offensive Line Adjusting To Changes

Vikings Offensive Line Adjusting To Changes

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Adrian Peterson and Teddy Bridgewater may get most of the cheers on Sundays, but it all starts with the big guys up front.

For the past couple of years, the Minnesota Vikings offensive line has remained the same, with the same five guys suiting up each Sunday, but this year it's a little different with right guard Brandon Fusco moving over to the left side. 

Minnesota Vikings Left Guard Brandon Fusco says, "I'm trying to prove to everyone, they gave me that contract last season, and I was disappointed I didn't hold up that contract."

Brandon Fusco is entering his fifth season in the NFL.

Last year, a pectoral injury cut the lineman's season short, but he's back and ready to compete as a left guard.

Minnesota Vikings Offensive Lineman Brandon Fusco says, "Pec feels great, it feels good to get out here some more and bang heads."

His move to the left side opened the spot next to right tackle Phil Loadholt, with a few guys competing for the job.

Rookie Guard Tyrus Thompson says, "We're all competing, obviously some guys have a leg up on the other people, but we're all competing every day, and we're all trying to make the team as best as we can make it."

Thompson... the sixth round draft pick out of Oklahoma is making a move of his own as he spends time learning how to be a guard.

Thompson says, "Try to get all the help from the vets, every bit of information I can get, spending time with the coaches, just whatever it is I always need to learn something especially being a rookie, so I'm just trying to gather as much information from anyone I can."

Even though rookie is among a few guys vying for the spot, it's a competition that only goes as far as the field.

Thompson says, "You're always competing it's what we do, but you know we're all competitors on the field, but when you get off the field and in the locker room, it's a family."

A bond that should help leave gaping holes for running backs and protect quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater says, "Those guys have been serious about their craft and nothing has changed, those guys are going to continue to get better each and everyday."

Even though there is plenty of raw talent along the line coming into 2015, it should be a good year for the young stars.

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