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Vikings Building Electric Offense

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The Minnesota Vikings may be taking the day off from training camp, but optimism is high after the first few days of drills.
Vikings Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is entering his second year in the NFL..
Adrian Peterson says, "He seems like he's got pretty good control so far."
The Louisville product threw for over 2900 yards and 14 touchdowns in his rookie campaign.
Despite a solid start to his NFL career, Bridgewater has more weapons at his disposal after the team signed speedy wideout Mike Wallace.
Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater says, "We know that he brings some excitement to the team, that big play ability and we're going to capitalize on it."
The commander of the offense is settling in and feels poised for a big 2015.
Bridgewater says, "For me, I'm much more comfortable this year, but it's training camp, you've been going against those guys since the spring so there's a ton of competition and that's what's going to make the team better "
Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson says, "I definitely like what I'm seeing from him, I know he has a mindset to come out and improve every day, and that's all you can ask for from a young quarterback."
Which could make for an entertaining season.
The Vikings will return to the field Friday ahead of their evening practice at Blakeslee Stadium on Saturday.
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