KEYC - Drum Corps Expo Showcases Top Competition

Drum Corps Expo Showcases Top Competition

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The 31st annual Drum Corps Expo is making some noise as four drum corps from the Midwest look to be named the top band.

Groups from Minnesota and Wisconsin tried to impress crowds and judges with their routines and musical creations.

The drum corps includes members of all–ages from high school students to senior citizens.

The St. Peter Area Govenaires sponsored the event.

St. Peter Govenaires President John Mayer says, "The Govenaires are top in the A–Class and Minnesota Brass holds the top score in the country, so if you come to the show tonight, you will see the very best drum corps in America."

The St. Peter High School Marching Band helped to warm up the crowd.

The Govenaires will compete in a national competition over Labor Day weekend in Rochester, New York.