With students back on campus, most are expecting to enjoy their new-found independence.

But some advocates say the beginning of the academic year can see the worst sexual violence on campus.

College students are back in Mankato, and with the inevitable late nights studying are the late night parties.

Research has shown the first few month of college can be among the worst for sexual assault.

Committee Against Domestic Abuse Sex Violence Program Team Lead Sadie Arch says, "Between the month of August and November, female college students are at an increased risk of experiencing sexual violence and sexual assault."

Referred to as the "red zone," this period can be the worst for freshmen and sophomore female students, away from home for the first time.

CADA says there are risk reduction strategies available for students to keep a good time from turning bad.

Arch says, "Make a plan, communicate that plan with your friends and stick with it for the night."

They also suggest staying with friends and watching drinks.

Arch says, "People can drink and have a good time, and if they are assaulted, it is not because they were drinking. Drinking is not a rape–able offense."

But it also takes a village to help discourage sexual violence.

Arch says, "The entire community is responsible for keeping college students safe. The entire community is responsible for tolerating sexual violence in our community."

Victims can find resources at CADA or through MSU–Mankato's Violence Awareness and Response Program.

CADA: http://www.cadamn.org/index.php

Not Along: https://www.notalone.gov/

VARP: https://www.mnsu.edu/varp/