Allison Parker was interviewing the president of the local chamber of commerce on WDBJ's morning newscast when a gunman opened fire.

Both Parker and her photographer, Adam Ward were killed as their camera rolled. The suspect who was a  former reporter at the station had his own camera rolling, and later posted his footage online.

The shooter identified as Bryce Williams, who's legal name is Vester Flanigan, later shot himself after a police chase and died in the hospital.

W.Q.Overton Jr/ Franklin County Sheriff: "At some point in his life, it would appear that things were spiraling out of control."

Both Parker and Ward had run–ins with Williams when he worked at the station.

General Manager Jeffrey Marks says they let Williams go in 2013.

Marks says, "After many incidents of his anger coming to the fore, we had to dismiss him and he did not take that well."

The newsroom here is distraught over the assassination of two beloved coworkers.  Parker had just moved in with one of the station's anchors.. and Ward was engaged to the morning show producer.. who was in the control room at the time of the shooting.

Kimberly McBroom/WDBJ Anchor said, “They did great work every day and put their all on the line and I'm going to miss them both.”

ABC News says it received a 23–page fax from someone claiming to be Williams.  The writer said he was attacked for being a gay black man. The fax cites the June church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, saying "the church shooting was the tipping point... But my anger has been building steadily... I've been a human powder keg for a while...just waiting to go boom!!!"

Alison Parker's boyfriend is saying when she left their home early this morning she was the happiest she had ever been.

The head of the chamber of commerce was also shot and is in stable condition after surgery.