'Let there be light...'

The School Sisters of Notre Dame hosted a thank you event for the state's third largest solar project.

Four and a half acres of solar energy in Mankato near Highway 14 will soon be fully operational.

Sister Marjorie Klein says, "It was at least five years ago that he came suggesting we offer our land here on Good Counsel as a potential site for a solar farm project."

The School Sisters of Notre Dame are celebrating their 150th anniversary in Mankato by unveiling a solar farm owned and operated by Best Power International.

Best Power International President Dwight Jelle says, "This particular farm will produce 800 kilowatts worth of power, check that, about 720 kilowatts of AC power. Every 720 homes can use a thousand watts of power which would generally power up a home air conditioner, so on a sunny day like today, it's pretty amazing."

A solar farm like this can provide energy to a lot of households, and the price keeps coming down for solar energy.

Jelle says, "The cost of solar has come down by about 75 percent, so we anticipate just in another four years that it'll be a form of energy that will compete with nuclear, coal, gas, everything."

And it's 'green' in more ways than one.

Xcel energy will be purchasing the energy produced from Best Power International, and the farm is about a month away from operating.

--KEYC News 12.