Left behind are pieces warped and memories all too vivid of a tragedy 14 years ago to the date.

Mankato resident Dawn Ulrich–Spitzer said, "In between clients my colleague pulled me into a room where a television was on and it was just shocking to me."

This morning, local first responders gathered among Mankato residents to dedicate a 9/11 sculpture. The piece was created by Mankato native Greg Mueller with fragments left behind from the World Trade Center.

Twin Rivers Council for the Arts Executive Director Noelle Lawton said, "There are two steel beams that are flanking a Kasota stone bench, which the artist really intends to be a place of dialogue and reflection about world peace."

The sculpture was purchased by All American Foods in 2014 and was donated back to the city, offering a stop to remember along the CityArt Walking Sculpture Tour.

Director of the Mankato Department of Public Safety Todd Miller said, "You look at the steel and how it's bent and twisted. That doesn't happen when the building is just standing there or when we knock it down. This is different."

A unique memorial bench, offering up a meaningful seat for reflection.

Miller said, "There's a lot of great people who lost their lives and have lost their lives throughout our history to support freedom and this is a part of what it is so this is a great reminder and a great thing to have in Mankato."

A legacy taking passersby to a place where tragedy begs for world peace.

--KEYC News 12.