It's homecoming week for Sleepy Eye Public Schools, and Monday night, the district held its coronation.

Student Body President Josie Schieffert says, "When I think of Emily, I think of her humor, she's always made someone laugh, made us laugh."

It's pajama day at Sleepy Eye Public Schools as they celebrate homecoming week.

Sleepy Eye High School Principal Shane Laffen says, "I'm in my robe here today, today is pajama day. Homecoming is always one of those high energy weeks."

The week gives students a chance to show off their personalities on each day, and this year the senior class surprised its principal for all the right reasons.

Laffen says, "In a building that I've been in, I have not been a part of anything like this."

Emily Mack may have Down Syndrome, but that didn't stop her from being part of the homecoming court.

Emily Mack says, "Yeah, I'm going to dance with Jesus."

Sleepy Eye Public High School Student Body Vice President Kalyn Haas says, "She just brings a bunch of positive attitude and kindness. We each have a special place for her in each of our hearts."

And becoming queen wasn't a surprise to any of her classmates. 

Haas says, "I really did think she was going to get it, I mean there was no question."

The support and respect from Mack's classmates has been there from day one.

Emily Mack's mother Kim Mack says, "In grade school I think it was second or third grade, they would extra lose games just so she could win. They had just as much excitement seeing her win as if they would have won themselves."

A moment the family will never forget.

Kim Mack says, "I cried at prom because I couldn't believe it was happening, and last night was unbelievable."

The Indians 2015 homecoming queen.

--KEYC News 12.