The 6th annual Mankato Marathon is now in the record books.

More than 3,000 runners left the start this morning to work up a sweat.

Runners dashed from the start line this morning, with one place in mind, the finish.

Racers from all over the country pounded the pavement for the 6th Annual Mankato Marathon

Even though it was a chilly start for spectators, it was about perfect for all those ready to run.

Mankato Sports Commission Director Chris Willaert says, "While a lot of people might think 35, 40, 45 degrees is chilly. No, it's actually good weather for them. They're feeling good about it."

There was no shortage of runners. Almost 900 laced up their shoes for the 10K, 1750 for the half marathon, 445 for the full marathon and over 30 teams for the relay. All those runners had a lot of support as they crossed the finish.

Half Marathon Runner Logan Deopere says, "It gives you such an adrenaline kick, you want to try to save that till the end. When you see people cheering you on, all the tiredness, all the pain goes away and you feel amazing."

This year's marathon left runners on a different path, with the finish line moved from Riverfront Drive to Front Street.

Willaert says, "They would run about a block off of here, and coming down Riverfront there, for the runners, it was a little bit anticlimactic."

As crowds welcomed runners to the finish, the move also led people into the heart of downtown Mankato.

For organizers, it allows them to make it a bit more than just a marathon.

Willaert says, "Trying to create more of a festive atmosphere. Make it better for not just the runners, but spectators, families and everything else that's here."

And making for a perfect transition from running to relaxing.

--KEYC News 12