A local Mankato woman has paired with the United Way to give away dozens of handmade winter hats to Monroe Elementary second graders in need.

Nanette Hrdlicka crochets each of the 30 hats from scratch, with each one taking her about a half an hour to create.

Rather than selling them, Nanette contacted Barb Kaus of Mankato United Way to see if they could be given to kids in need of winter clothes.

Nanette Hrdlicka says, "Because I like making them and you only need a couple hats maybe, so I thought of Barb and from there, decided to donate to some organization or somebody in need."

The hats will be distributed by teachers to various Monroe Elementary 2nd graders.

Nanette says she plans to do this again and would be interested in working with other who crotchet to provide even more hats next year.

--KEYC News 12