Even in retirement, Jim Brown is a busy man.

Jim Brown, the KEYC News 12 Good People Award Winner, says, "I retired too young. I was only 65. And, like I said, I feel like I got 30 years ahead. So...that's a lifetime."

And so with that lifetime, Jim found a way to help those around him by volunteering at Lutheran Social Services Senior Dining and Meals on Wheels.

Shawn Hermanson, the Lutheran Social Services Senior Dining and Meals on Wheels Site Director, says, "He heard that we were having problems getting volunteers he decided, 'Hey, why don't I do it?'"

Brown says, "They asked me to drive on a temporary basis to fill in."

...creating an immediate impact.

Hermanson says, "If someone called in and canceled I could say, 'Hey Jim, this person canceled. Any chance you could do it?' 'Yup, be there in five minutes.'"

As many as five days a week...

Brown says, "Then there's these normal folks that I'm familiar with."

...Jim helps delivers food across all of Mankato and North Mankato bringing fresh meals to nearly a dozen seniors.

Brown says, "I can't miss it because it says 'Jim Hot,' 'Jim Cold.'"

And over these two years, his dedication and care has only solidified.

The enjoyment Jim gets from giving back...

Hermanson says, "He's always happy."

...and dedication to the people relying on his deliveries has earned him KEYC News 12's Good People award.

Lutheran Social Services Senior Dining and Meals on Wheels serves approximately 200 people across Region 9 in Mankato, North Mankato, and Saint Peter.

If you would like to volunteer, click here.

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