KEYC - School Sisters of Notre Dame Host Conversation on Islam

School Sisters of Notre Dame Host Conversation on Islam

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More than 270 people gathered at the School Sisters of Notre Dame campus for a conversation about Islam.

Presenters for Wednesday night's event include Rashed Ferdous from the Islamic Resource Group along with Abdi Sabrie of the Mankato Islamic Center.

The focus of Wednesday's gathering was to eliminate some of the misconceptions about Muslims, and show the similarities between Islam and Christianity.

"It's better to have someone local reach out to someone, read a little bit, and find out on our own. We have a lot of resources now, we live in a connected world so it's not hard to find correct information, and sometimes it's hard to filter things out. I would like people to reach out and kind of get to know this a little bit better," said Islamic Resource Group Vice President Rashed Ferdous.

The open dialogue included the crowd asking questions and interacting with the presenters.

--KEYC News 12