KEYC - Eat, Move, Sleep: Sleep For Heart Health

Eat, Move, Sleep: Sleep For Heart Health

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As we enter week two of Heart Health month, this Eat Move Sleep segment focuses on the "sleep" component beginning with one man's commitment to his heart....that came from his heart

After 30 plus years of marriage this Mankato–area man is fulfilling a commitment he made to his wife long ago.

He went through a sleep study and found, among other things, that at one time during the night he went without breathing for a full 68 seconds.

Alkurdy said, "Sleep is so important because it is a main restorative mechanism for body and mind."

Dr. Nidal Alkurdy, a neurologist with Mankato Clinic, says good nutrition and good exercise habits are keys to avoiding chronic illness like heart disease, but he says those are only part of the equation."

Alkurdy said, "When you don't get enough rest, cortisol levels and sympathetic activities increase, leading to hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, heart attacks and stroke"

Insomnia, sleep deprivation can increase your chances of heart disease. For patients like this one, taking steps toward a better night's sleep will help him more fully enjoy retirement and his wife will sleep better too.

Alkurdy said, "During sleep our body and mind rests. When rest replenishes all energy and important chemicals that are essential to functioning.

We'll talk about what it means to get quality sleep, some tips on how to achieve it, and when it may be time to visit a place like this to get tested.