KEYC - Trump and Clinton Campaigns Leaning On Volunteers For GOTV Effor

Trump and Clinton Campaigns Leaning On Volunteers For GOTV Effort

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We sit less than two weeks away from the Minnesota caucus, where the state will play a sizable role in the Super Tuesday Presidential results.
And tonight two of those campaigns are trying to get out the vote.
"I'm calling with the Hillary campaign for Minnesota."

"You don't? Your caucus site is at Northfield middle school."
Behold the simple phone bank. Supporters, with a quick training session beforehand, call people they feel are likely to support them though past voting habits and responses, and make sure they know when and where to vote - all in the hope of driving out more votes - in this case, for Hillary.
Patrick Kelliher, a Gustavus senior majoring in political science, and the son of former DFL state senator Margaret Anderson Kelliher says, ""You trust your neighbors on different issues. Political issues are no different. That's a big reason why we want to have that local conversation, as opposed to just turning on the news and hearing what the candidates are saying - more from a personal level of why I'm supporting Hillary Clinton."
Over in Le Sueur, there's a similar set-up, much different in practice, but with the same goals.

A meet-up for Donald Trump, overseen by Trump staffer Chris Hupke, aims to get these super supporters to drive out all local Trump supporters, and get them to drag out as many other tag-alongs as possible.
Jimmie Callaway says, "It just keeps growing and growing and growing. That's what we want to focus on is we want this to be so big, or as Trump likes to say, so huge, that we get him into office and he wins."

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