Jaci Sticha is a survivor.
She continues battling back after numerous bouts with cancer.
"It was really hard to rally or motivate after numerous surgeries. And I really was at a loss. So thank God I found Livestrong at the YMCA," Sticha said.
Livestrong is a 12-week fitness program for cancer survivors.
Starting in Mankato in 2013, it was the first Livestrong program to launch in Minnesota.
"Pull back with the right foot. Giant step back with the left foot."
Ashley McEachern, a physician's assistant with the Mankato Clinic, says it's an invaluable resource for patients.
"Livestrong is an awesome opportunity for our cancer survivors in the greater Mankato area to regain strength, work on their cardio, endurance. But it's also an awesome support system. This is a way for our cancer survivors to move beyond the cancer diagnosis in spirit, mind, and body," McEachern said.
Teresa Langworthy is the coordinator of the program at the Mankato Y,which is free to any cancer survivor no matter what stage of the journey they are in.
Langworthy said, "They can finally come in and take control of some aspect of their lives, when everything is feeling kind of chaotic and out of their controls."
Cancer and its treatments can take such a toll on a body.
Livestrong helps these survivors take back control.
Jaci, who is healthy today, first took the course, then volunteered in it, and is now a teacher.
She says she is proof of the difference Livestrong can make in people's lives.
"It helped me to launch and get back in tune with my body," she said.
For more on the Livestrong program here at the Mankato Y or on the Thrive program in general, go to our website at KEYC.com/Thrive.