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Minnesota's Caucuses Likely To Have Small Impact On Overall Election

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MANKATO, Minn. -

It was a long night for many counties in our area as ballots were counted in Minnesota's caucuses.

The results are in from Minnesota's caucuses and they're a bit unique compared to the rest of the county.

Gustavus Adolphus College Political Science Professor Kate Knutson says, "They tell us a little bit about Minnesota that we've already known, which is Minnesota tends to have a bit of a maverick streak to it. We're the state that elected Jesse Ventura after all and I don't think we've changed that reputation."

The results give Republican Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio his first victory in the primary and caucus season, and a decisive win for Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders over challenger Hillary Clinton.

And local DFL officials say Sanders is capitalizing on an enthusiasm they've seen before.

Nicollet Co. DFL Chair Herb Kroon says, "There was a lot of enthusiasm for Bernie Sander, much as there was for Barack Obama eight years ago. I can't explain why Minnesota as opposed to other states had that enthusiasm but enthusiasm is always a good thing."

Sanders' more than 25 percent margin win over Clinton comes despite a lot of state Democrats and DFL establishment officials endorsing Clinton.

But even though the rank and file didn't follow their endorsement, it shouldn't hurt their standing with the party faithful

Knutson says, "They're going along with a national trend, which is Democratic leaders nationally are going for Clinton, and so I don't think it's going to make a big difference for them."

With Minnesota's caucuses now in the rear–view mirror, Knutson says last night's winners may have a tough time reproducing those results nationwide.

Knutson say, "As we move forward into the next set of caucuses and primaries elections, it could just be a blip on the map for these two candidates who are the winners, or it could be the momentum that fuels them in some of the upcoming races, but my prediction is would be it's going to be blip on the map as they move forwards."

The next set of presidential contests are March 5.

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