More than 60 fourth grade students at Roosevelt Elementary spent part of today working with MSU students learning about various STEM programs.

The students explored everything from mechanical engineering to biology and ecology.

This is the first time MSU has done something like this, to try and show kids what a college environment looks like.

"It's honestly been so amazing, the kids are so engaged, they're excited, everything that I went to, biology, ecology, and everywhere I've gone the kids have been saying, this is amazing."

"We focus on a lot of STEM outreach K–12 outreach for getting kids exposed to STEM, and this is one of the initiatives we wanted to create, and we wanted to create that in our own backyard and in our schools, and having those relationships with our schools, and our kids so we can have a better relationship with them."

The pilot program also featured students from Mankato West helping teach some of the lessons.

--KEYC News 12