With the weather warming up, more and more runners are hitting the road...and getting off the treadmill.

Many of us know our size for every day shoes...but the rules change when it comes to picking out running shoes...

Eric Schmidt says, "For running you want to go up a half size from everyday shoe. They should be snug at the heel and arch...with extra space in the toe box."

That's because while you are running, your feet swell and take up space.

Eric Schmidt, a sports shoe expert at Scheels, also says just measuring the length of your foot is not enough...

Eric says, "The big thing is to measure the arch. You may have the same length of foot as someone else, but the arch might be a bit longer too and that's where the shoe is going to flex and bend."

The right shoe fit is important not only for comfort, but also to avoid injuries.

"So if you get shoe too small, you will wear it out a bit quicker. You might have foot fatigue and toe fatigue. Not to mention what could happen up the kinetic chain with your knees and back."

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