KEYC - Janesville Family Changes Lifestyle To Prevent Heart Disease

Janesville Family Changes Lifestyle To Prevent Heart Disease

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As KEYC News 12 continues to help Mankato Clinic celebrate its 100th anniversary, we continue our look into how to help you Thrive in 2016. The Rienhardt family in Janesville is using this year to take control of their health, by making  lifestyle changes in the way they Eat, Move, and Sleep. That's because just over a year ago, reality hit

Sara Rienhardt says, “I started with symptoms where I thought I was just out of shape, or getting a cold. I would get out of breath just going up stairs or doing laundry.”

After 6 weeks she had it checked out. At first they found a blood clot in her lung, then they discovered three of her arteries were 80 – 90% blocked..

Sara says, “My dad passed away young, I knew for a long time I had heart disease in the family, high cholesterol. I just thought I’m too young, I don’t have to start taking medication yet. I’m still going to have time.”

Sara had three stints put in, and now realizes to prevent or reverse heart disease, there is not time to waste.

She and her husband Marcus are making sure their children won’t repeat history.

Sara says, “They are young and impressionable, so what we teach them, they’ll mimic and adjust to it.”

For example, they’ve incorporated more fruits and vegetables into their family meals, and they make sure they are active, as a family.

 Sara says, “We make it the way we live. We do what we can. If we are not good today, then we’ll do better next time.”