With miles and miles of biking trails throughout our viewing area, it's no surprise more and more people are taking to two wheels to get their exercise.

One way to get moving this spring and summer, a bike.

Scheels Assistant Store Leader Brandon Knudsvig said, "The thing I like about biking is I'm able to get out and see a bunch of areas around Mankato, for me it's convenient exercise. Get out, have fun."

But before you hit the road on two wheels, make sure you are on the right bike for you and to prevent injury, have hydration and a helmet.

Knudsvig said, "You want to look at goals for the next few years. People come in with a specific thing in mind, but think about it long term. Maybe you have a ride or charity event coming up, but what else will you use it for, maybe riding with family and friends."

With any exercise, Brandon says having others around to participate with you or even keep you accountable is helpful. Mankato has a growing biking community and that has sparked a new ride on Thursday nights that is free and open to everyone.

Knudsvig said, "Reaction is I could do that. That's the whole stigma before. I tried to get my wife interested for several years, and she's scared off by the spandex! This 30–minute social ride is low key for people."

The ride meets at Scheels each Thursday at 6:30 and ends at the Wow Zone.

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--KEYC News 12