Technology makes farming data easier to collect, utilize, and even profit from.

Farmobile is a system that monitors farm data throughout the crop season; by simply plugging in the device it can pool all your data.

Individual companies like John Deere or Case already collect information like this. Farmobile is different in that it works across all brands, digitizing an entire farm and making that information easy to access.

Farmobile CEO and Co-founder Jason Tatge said, "It's like a fit bit for a tractor, you plug this device in and you may ignore it the rest of the year, but every time it drives it going to be recording, so later you can go back and see what happened."

Farmobile has made collecting and monitoring your data as easy as checking your iPhone or iPad, and also found a way to turn data into dollars.

"We're so confident that there will be buyers for that data, that we'll guarantee $2 per acre to a farmer to use our product this year. Which gives them an automatic return on investment. This can become another crop that they're currently not harvesting," said Tatge.

The data could end up being sold to a wide range of entities such as seed and chemical companies and agronomists.

Owatonna Crop Farmer  Bob Swedberg said, "I think it's a fantastic idea. Farmers in general have not done well at using their data. They've given it away, sometimes paid people to take it from them. He's got a program now where we're going to be compensated for that data."

If all goes according to plan it could be a win-win-win situation. 

-KEYC News 12