Sunday was the second annual Walk a Mile In Her Shoes event.

Men in the community as well as the North Mankato Fire Department and Mankato Public Safety stumbled their way into a pair of heels and then walked a mile to raise money and bring awareness to domestic violence

Walk a Mile In Her Shoes Chair Tricia Stenberg said,"There's two sides to it. It's fun to see guys walking around in high heels, that's awkward, we never really see that. Then there's the serious part of it; people in our community have lost their lives to domestic violence. There's kind of a happy medium between the fun piece and the serious issue that we're walking on."

Commander Matt DuRose said, "One of the best things about this event is that it does provide some awareness, and I think often times we don't think things like this occur in our community, because it doesn't impact us directly."

The Committee Against Domestic Abuse helped over 3,000 victims last year. They provided 7,000 sheltered nights at their Mankato location.

They say 1 out of every four women will undergo a form of domestic abuse. They say today's goal was to let people know there is help available to them.

-KEYC News 12