It's an addiction many may not know they's something all of us have in our pantry, and is a regular part of our diet, even though research now shows, it can be toxic.

Randy Stachovich went to the doctor last fall to get help losing weight, he discovered a bigger problem...

Randy says, "I had some lab work that was breaking news to me...I had to put some things back in order to get a healthier me."

His main culprit: sugar. Dr. Manpreet Kanwar with Mankato Clinic, says sugar is sabotaging our diet...and our health

Kanwar said, "Everything stems from the fact that it is an addictive food that is bad for us in quantities we consume daily."

Hidden in processed foods and soda...Dr. Kanwar says recent research shows how toxic sugar can be...

Dr. Kanwar says, "It seems like a big thing to say that sugar is toxic, but unfortunately it is true. We have recognized too late the adverse public and private health hazards stemming from not understanding how toxic it is."

Adverse health effects such as obesity, diabetes, High blood pressure and has even been linked to cancer. Randy is thankful he made changes in time...

Randy says, "For example, my triglycerides were extremely was at 308 now down to 150 so it dropped dramatically, same with my cholesterol. And my weight! I've lost 40 pounds...I am staying active and feel better. "

But how can we avoid consuming so much sugar in our daily diets, we'll look at that next week. As we continue to help you...Thrive.