Tuesday night, residents were asked to share their vision for the future of North Mankato.

The first Public Drop–In Session was held at the Mankato Brewery.

The dozens in attendance were asked to offer ideas for projects they'd like to see someday in North Mankato.

Organizer Katie Boone says, "Our hope is to understand what are they noticing now and when they look out into their community what are they seeing, what are they noticing what do they feel like other people need to understand. That they want to help other people understand so as those conversations continue to go from this place of connection to the place of .... this is what I'm noticing, we're going to be asking them to then begin to understand what are those different possibilities that we can begin to kind of move forward with."

The next scheduled Drop–In Session will be held on May 10 at Fire Station Number 2 on Howard Drive.

--- KEYC News 12