For some high school students, a senior project is one last thing needed before graduation...

But for others, it's a project they pour their heart, soul and a little bit of sweat into.

When Minnesota New Country School student Tim Kroehler was looking for a senior project, it didn't take long to find a topic based on something missing in Henderson.

Minnesota New Country School senior Tim Kroehler said, "I enjoy mountain biking so I wanted something close by that I'd be able to use and then would be around for the community to use for years to come."

Tim is turning a portion of land at the Ney Nature Center into over a mile worth of mountain bike trails.

Kroehler said,"This is really fun and exciting to see, the idea I had back in September finally coming to life and being built."

After creating the plan and mapping out the route of the trail through woods, now comes the hard part.

Clearing brush and earth to make the trails, but Tim isn't creating this on his own.

He's getting volunteer help from students and staff with the Minnesota New Country School.

Kroehler said, "It's awesome, without them I wouldn't be past the first hundred yards of this trail, building it all by myself."

This project has understandably required a lot learning for Tim and those working to build this trail, even attending a county board meeting. But that was just the start.

Minnesota New Country School advisor Jim Wartman said, "He's having to learn erosion, how do we prevent that, and grading."

Tim found experts to help teach him and the workers how to build the trails, but one of the skills he's learning can't always be taught in a classroom.

Wartman said, "The biggest thing is probably communication. He has become the teacher. He's teaching me how to build a mountain bike trail; he teaching these guys back here how to build a mountain bike trail."

Work on the trails is expected to be finished in the middle of May.

Minnesota New Country School also helped make the project possible by purchasing the needed equipment.

--KEYC News 12