While progress is being made in reducing traffic–related deaths, local representatives are on a mission to keep those numbers on the decline.

Around 100 traffic safety stakeholders were at the 5th annual South Central Minnesota Toward Zero Death Regional workshop in Mankato today.

Since TZD began in 2003, traffic–related deaths have dropped by 37 percent, but motor vehicle crashes are still the leading cause of unintentional injury death for five through 24–year–olds statewide.

Representatives were at the workshop from law enforcement, engineering, education and emergency medical and trauma services.

Statewide TZD Program Coordinator Kristine Hernandez said "Everybody from those four disciplines were working traffic safety, but they were working in their own silos..so forming those partnerships is really what was the key to helping us reduce the deaths even further."

In 2015, Minnesota saw 411 traffic deaths, and they hope to see fewer than 300 fatalities on Minnesota roads by the year 2020.