It was in 1998 a tornado tore through the small town of Comfrey. Over the years volunteers like life-long resident Darlene Arnsdorf have worked tirelessly to rebuild the town.

Darlene had just taken a key role in the city the year the tornado hit.

Darlene Arnsdorf says, “I went on the city council in January of 98. I was almost mayor, we had a tie, Linda Wallin and I. We flipped a coin and she won. She was mayor and I was on city council.”

And so began her career of public service; she is still on city council, drives a van for the school, runs the Comfrey Area Pride committee, and serves on the library board. Volunteers, she says, keeps this community thriving.

 Darlene says,  “Yes, we have to do a lot of volunteering or we can't keep it going.”

The lessons learned in her community are simple,

Darlene says, “Whenever someone says they need help, please volunteer. It doesn’t have to be for a week, maybe just an hour. Whatever you can spare and it doesn’t have to be forever. Just get involved.”

Darlene Arnsdorf is one of KEYC’s Good People.