KEYC - Good Thunder Native Treks Across the Arctic

Good Thunder Native Treks Across the Arctic

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A southern Minnesota native is trekking across the Arctic to document stories, and hopefully inspire kids across the world.

Aaron Doering is a Good Thunder native traveling across 170 miles of the Arctic with three others.

The team began earlier this month starting out in the Arctic Bay and will end up on the northeastern shore of Baffin Island.

"Well, we've been traveling for about ten days now, and we've endured all the arctic, we've had complete whiteouts, we've had some absolutely beautiful conditions, but we've had some ground blitzers too, but overall the travel is going pretty well."

Part of the adventure includes visiting with Inuit communities along the way.

"They welcome me in, and we sit down to have some conversations about how they're adapting to this changing Earth, they're dealing with a lot of issues there from very high prices of groceries, one soda is five dollars, and a gallon of milk is 12 dollars, and just getting the food up here is extremely expensive."

But the reason why Doering and three others are traveling across the arctic is to try and educate people on about the fragile regions of the planet.

"I've always wanted to have an impact on education, and this is what this is all about is getting students involved, and getting the general public involved and ultimately we want people to see how they can come up with solutions in their own community to make a difference."

This expedition is just part of eight expeditions that are taking place over four years.

To follow along with the journey, you can visit or look up the hashtag choose2care on Twitter.

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