It's what many look forward to each day when they go to work; retirement!

Dr. Bob Olson, a psychiatrist with Mankato Clinic, says just as people plan for retirement financially, they also need to plan in other ways to make the most of it.

 Dr. Olson says, “They go to work on Friday, then Monday rolls around and they think what do I do now? So talk about it with a partner or spouse ahead of time, discuss what life will look like in 6 months after you're retired. Keeping active and having something to do is key.”

He suggests volunteering and joining a social group. He also says to plan exercise in your day.

Dr. Olson says, “Move at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. It helps us function, helps energy level, helps us feel better,  and keeps our weight where it should be. Then try to sleep 8 hours, less than 6 and you don’t function well."