One doesn't typically associate pizza with competition, but one local pizza chain has done just that.

In the quiet morning hours of Toppers pizza Brian Albrecht sets to practicing.

Brian Albrecht, the General Manager for Toppers Pizza in Mankato, says, "You could toss it, but that slows you down. So you kind of just want to kind of slap it and get it on the screen as fast as you can."

Because in the pizza world...

Albrecht says, "I can now do a pepperoni pizza in like 28 seconds."

...speed is everything.

So Toppers Pizza has turned that idea into a competition.

Over 75 stores across the nation are competition to see who can prepare six pizzas the fastest.

Albrecht says, "You start out you have six dough balls in a dough tray and you have to take all six of them out and stretch them and sauce them as fast as you can. I qualified with a time of 2:20. I'm down to about 1:55 - 2:00 now. I've been practicing over the past couple of months."

That practice has earned Brian a trip to Orlando, Florida in early June where he will compete against other regional winners trying to win the top prize.

Albrecht says, "You get a cash prize of $4,000, a trophy called the golden spoodle, and then bragging rights for the year for fastest pizza maker in the company."

And while this may seem like an odd competition to hold within a company, it actually prepares everyone for those overly busy days, such as college move-in day.

Albrecht says, "I know last year for move-in weekend we had like 350 pizzas for all the freshmen for one night. So for about 3-4 hours we were making that order. Just taking it in waves of 40 to 50 pizzas at a time. It was a lot."

--KEYC News 12