Because of the nicer weather, many of us tend to be more active during the summer months. But those long days may not be the best for getting a good’s night’s sleep. Throughout this Thrive campaign we’ve talked about the importance of good sleep maintenance. But with the change of seasons, and the days getting longer and longer, that might prove to be a challenge.

 Mary Beth Trembley, a Registered Nurse with Mankato Clinic, says, “Actually what can happen is that we don’t get ourselves calmed down enough in the evening so we are going to bed still stimulated by the light.”

Trembley says even though it's tempting to stay out and enjoy the day as long as possible, try to come in at least an hour before you plan to go to bed. Natural light is just one culprit though.

Trembley says, “An hour before bed turn off all screens so not only are you getting out of the bright light in the home but turn off computers, cell phones, iPads. No screens for a whole hour before bed.”

Quit working so that’s not on your mind and even try to get your exercise in earlier in the day.

Trembley says, “After exercising  it takes about four hours for us to get ourselves relaxed again. So exercise early or at least be done by 6  with that.”