KEYC - Greater Mankato Sees Strength In Numbers Since 2010

Greater Mankato Sees Strength In Numbers Since 2010

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Many cities in greater Mankato are seeing strength in numbers, even compared to just five years ago.. 

The recipe for an attractive city isn't always simple to whip up.

Mankato resident Sarah Reisdorf said, "That small town feel but still have the attraction of a big city."

But recent numbers show that Mankato might just have the perfect mix of ingredients.

Greater Mankato Growth President Jonathan Zierdt said, "It's a size that people can feel that they can be a part of and they can develop relationships and feel like they can make a difference and that's inviting to people and that's what causes the growth."

In the past five years, over 1700 more people have called Mankato home. .. a four and a half percent boost.

Anna Thill with Visit Mankato said, "The leadership in this community is really progressive and looks at what are the next big things we should be doing."

A dash of amenities mixed with a healthy dose of kid–friendly charm.

Reisdorf said, "There's so many community things to do here. I know there's a new children's museum in town and that's been fun to take my kids to."

And it's these few ingredients that leave Mankato with a boiling population.

Zierdt said, "Where people say there's lots of options where I can live. That community offers me the best balance of all the things I'm looking for that's where I'm going to move."

And they're not the only ones with strength in numbers. Since 2010, St. Peter's population is up 4 percent and North Mankato jumped one percent.

-- KEYC NEWS 12.