Every two seconds someone is in need of a blood transfusion.

But with having less than a five day supply on the shelf, the American Red Cross has issued an emergency need for blood and platelet donations.

"Blood donations do typically decline during the summer months. School is out of session and we hold a lot of blood drives at high schools and colleges, actually 20 percent during the academic school year. So, right away during the summer months we do see a decline because of that and then during the holiday seasons," Sue Thesenga, Communications Manger North Central Blood Services Region, said.

The Red Cross wants to encourage people, both regular donors and people who have never donated before, to give now.

"I have been donating blood for over 40–45 years. When I was in nursing training over at the University of Minnesota, they were paying 15 bucks for a pint of blood, so I would call when I was broke and say "do you need A Positive today" and they would tell me yes sometimes and so I'd bike over there and give blood and then bike back to my place," Blood donor, Judy Argetsinger, said.

Blood donations have fallen short of hospital needs for the past few months, resulting in about 39,000 fewer donations than what’s needed.

"Blood is a life source. ya know I just as a nurse too I've given a lot of blood to patients and you know blood is just the source of life," Argetsinger said.

 To schedule an appointment to donate, use the free Blood Donor App, visit redcrossblood.org or call 1-800-RED CROSS.

--KEYC News 12