After 17 years of doing nothing but blooming, Mary’s Flowers & Gifts opens its doors to the community for the last time.  

“The last three days have been like a wake for a dear friend. We’ve had people steady streaming in here for hugs and thank you’s,” Gift Buyer, Marilyn Kluntz said.

People treated Mary’s flower shop like a second home.

“We’d say you know come on in. Oh you can waltz like you’re at your house. She’s like everyone’s second mom, really. And she’s so good," Kluntz said.

They looked at their costumers like family.  

“You did my kids prom flowers and then the wedding flowers and then the baby and it just made me feel so good that we were homey and accommodating that they took the time to either write a thank you note or come in and thank us. It was really touching,” Kluntz said.

Preston wilted at the thought of locking up for the last time.

“It doesn’t seem like could be the last day. We’ve been doing this so long it seems like it’ll continue, but it won’t,” Flower Shop Owner, Preston Smith said.

Their hope is that a new generation flower shop will sprout in the soil they have tilled.

Mary’s Flowers & Gifts will hold an inventory liquidation sale from Tuesday July 19th to July 23rd. and want to welcome everyone to stop in to say goodbye.